“This young man knows how to captivate a crowd with his fearless heart and honest lyrics.”  (L.A. Weekly)
Featured song in Sundance Film Festival Favorite "New York Waiting" alongside Tori Amos

"Think of a Frank Turner who isn’t trying to impress us with his wordplay or, better yet, a Mumford and Sons with power and soul."

- Rachel Cholst  (Adobe and Teardrops)

"On ‘Build It Up,’ Wells the Traveler takes listeners on a music voyage. His primary medium is folk, mostly traditional American folk, but he infuses it with elements of British rock...
"One step at a time, we walk hand in hand...”
a sonic storm begins to erupt, a dissonant mix of vocals and electric guitar that feels derived from the Stone Roses handbook. It brings the song to a dynamic close, 180 degrees from its opening."

-Tim Finn Kansas City Star


“Lyrically he is an original, with a solid voice that is distinct and memorable.”  (L.A. Times)